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The eighth LingDy Forum in 2016: "Nominalization and grammatical complexity in Tibeto-Burman and beyond" (2 March, 2017)

Date/Time: 2 March, 2017 (Thu.) 15:00-16:30

Venue: Room 306, ILCAA, TUFS

Speaker: Alexander COUPE (Division of Linguistics and Multilingual Studies, Nanyang Technological University, Singapore) 

Title: “Nominalization and grammatical complexity in Tibeto-Burman and beyond”

Abstract: Please see here.

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Language: English

Admission: Free

No registration is required.

Jointly sponsored by:
JSPS Program for Advancing Strategic International Networks to Accelerate the Circulation of Talented Researchers, “A collaborative network for usage-based research on lesser-studied languages”

Linguistic Dynamics Science 3 (LingDy3) , ILCAA, TUFS

General Inquiry: info-lingdy[atmark]aacore.net