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Workshops & Study Groups

International Workshop “Current Trends of Linguistic Research of Indigenous Languages in Indonesia”

Plenary Talks

“Prosody in language description: Taking spoken language seriously”

Nikolaus P. Himmelmann

Abstract (10K), Handout (785K)

“Siraya: the revival of a dormant Formosan language”

Alexander Adelaar

Abstract (10K), Proceeding (996K) Handout (1.1M)

Reports on research in individual regions

1) Maluku

“Local languages in Maluku: the historical context and current situation”

Simon Musgrave

Abstract (4K), Handout (7.6M)

2) NTT

“Current research into languages of Nusa Tenggara Timur”

John Bowden

Abstract (11K), Handout (6.0M)

“Language Documentation in Southern Indonesia: Rote, Dhao, and Kupang”

Jermy Balukh

Abstract (16K), Handout (619K)

“Current Status of Language Documentation in the Alor-Pantar Archipelago”

František Kratochvíl

Abstract (99K), Handout (3.3M)

“Comment: Kemak Language: Current Language Documentation”

I Wayan Budiarta

Proceeding (1.0M),

3) Sulawesi

“Language description and documentation in Sulawesi”

Anthony Jukes and Hendrik Paat

Abstract (6K), Handout (30M)

4) Kalimantan

“Kalimantan languages: An overview of current research and documentation”

Antonia Soriente and Kazuya Inagaki

Abstract (24K), Handout 1 (2.2M), Handout 2 (2.0M)

5) Sumatra

“State of Linguistic Research in (South) Sumatera”

Budi Sudarmanto

Abstract (16K), Handout (446K)

“Recent Work on Languages in Sumatra: in and around Jambi”

Timothy McKinnon

6) Papua

“Language Documentation in Papua: The state of the art”

Apriani Arilaha, Nikolaus P. Himmelmann, Novita Ndiken and Sutriani Narfafan

Handout (1.2M)

A taste of Nusantara: linguistic diversity in the minority languages of Indonesia

“Bantik Morphology: Postulating Subtypes of the bases”

Atsuko Utsumi

Abstract (340K), Handout (29M)

“Emotion and Cognition Predicates in Abui”

František Kratochvíl and Benidiktus DELPADA

Abstract (61K), Handout (6.8K)

“Continuum of Serial Verb Construction and Nominal Clause in Seediq”

Naomi Tsukida

Abstract (12K), Handout (243K)

“What is Kerinci?:An closer look at the geography of its core properties”

Timothy McKinnon

Abstract (40K),

“Possessive Constructions in Lamaholot”

Kunio Nishiyama

Abstract (17K), Handout (883K)

“Grammatical relations in Sou Amana Teru”

Simon Musgrave

Abstract (17K), Handout (1.6M)

“Patient / goal marking in Helong”

John Bowden

Abstract (42K), Handout (3.6M)

“Comments: Research on Individual Languages in Indonesia”

Ketut Artara and Jermy Balukh