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Nishihara, Miyako
Miyako Island lies approximately 300km southwest of Okinawa Island, and located in between East China Sea and the Pacific (at latitude 24 north and longitude 135 east). Miyako Islands consists of The Sakishima Islands with the Yaeyama Islands and the disputed Senkaku Islands. The dimension of the island is 159.22 Km 2. The layer of Miyako made of limestone of the elevated coral reef. Immigrants from Ikema Island came to Nishihara and made a community in 1874, therefore the language of Nishihara is virtually identical to Ikema Island. Sarahama has same history to Nishihara and Ikema dialect is also spoken in there.
Culture and Ritual
Yuukui (Harvest Festival)
Myaakudutsu (Festival)
Haarii (A dragon boat races)
Kuichaa (A traditional song/dance)
Visitor’s point and local specialty
Miyako Jofu (A hemp cloth made by weaving flax)
Kusakizome(Plant dyeing)
Awamori (An alcoholic beverage indigenous to Okinawa prefecture)
Miyako Island HP, Japanese)
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